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Fruit & Vegetables

Bananas Ripe
$3.50 per kg
Broccoli Each
was $2.80 $1.80 each
Carrots Country Fresh 1.​2kg
$3.60 each
Spinach Nz Each
$4.50 each
Capsicums Red Each
was $4.00 $2.00 each
Meadows Mushrooms White Button 400g
$6.90 each
Onions Brown
$2.60 per kg
Cauliflower Each
$6.20 each
Kumara Red
was $5.50 $3.80 per kg
Navel Oranges NZ
$5.80 per kg
Potatoes Washed
$2.99 per kg
$15.99 per kg
Apples Champion Kg
was $3.99 $3.80 per kg
Bananas Very Ripe Kg
$1.50 per kg
Beetroot Kg
$5.00 per kg
Cabbage Green Each
$6.00 each
Cabbage Red Each
was $2.80 $1.80 each
Capsicums Yellow Each
was $4.00 $2.00 each
Celery Each
$5.50 each
Cucumbers Telegraph Each
$2.20 each
Garlic Kg Nz
$25.00 per kg
$4.70 each
Meadows Mushrooms Portabello 200g
$7.80 each
Silverbeet Bunch
$3.99 each
Apples Braeburn Kg
$4.50 per kg
Avocado Hass Each
was $1.99 $1.60 each
Brushed Potatoes 10kg
$15.00 each
Capsicums Green Each
was $4.00 $2.00 each
Carrots Kg
$2.90 per kg
Celery Half
$2.99 each
Kumara Orange
was $5.50 $3.80 per kg
$2.90 each
Lettuce Iceberg Each
$3.50 per kg
Mandarin Afourer Nz Kg
$6.90 per kg
Mandarins Satsum Nz Kg
$6.50 each
Mushrooms White Button
$14.99 per kg
Onions Country Fresh 1.​2kg Bag
$3.99 each
Onions Red Peeled
$5.40 per kg
Pineapple Gold
$5.00 each
Potatoes Country Fresh 2kg Floury
$6.99 each
Potatoes Country Fresh 2kg Red
$6.99 each
Potatoes Country Fresh White 4kg
$8.99 each
Potatoes Dig Me Agria Washed 2kg
$7.50 each
Pumpkin Crown Medium Each
$4.00 each
Southland Sweetness Parsnips 500g
$4.60 each
Strawberries 250gm
$6.50 each
Taylor Farm Salad Chopped Kit Buffalo Ranch 350g
$5.99 each
Vital Vegetables Immunity Slaw 500g
$5.99 each
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We encourage you to allow substitutes on your online orders, to assist us to provide you with as much of your order as possible.

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